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April 2021:
Hello everybody,
Sorry for not having been activ here for so long!
Come to visit my new homepage here:
You still can see all my paintings and drawings on Facebook:
Take care!

Bonjour tout le monde,
Désolée d'avoir délaissé ce site depuis un bout de temps.
Venez visiter mon nouveau site : 
et participez à mes cours en ligne de la méthode Feldenkrais tous les lundis à 18h30 !

Vous pouvez continuer à voir mes peintures et mes dessins sur Facebook :
A bientôt !

November 2017:

I have just finished a new painting! 


6th February 2017:

Check out my new painting in the art gallery!

Happy new year!!!

13th November 2016:

Here a video of my concert at the library in Eschweiler last week.

7th November 2016:
I'm going to be playing at the library in Eschweiler
on Wednesday 9th November to commemorate the Night of Broken Glass. There will be a reading of the book "Wir waren doch so jung" by Jennifer Riemek and Michael Kuhn.


31st October 2016:
Very proud of Mia and Laura, who played so well last saturday night!!


1st july 2016:
Cool concert of my pupils tonight, bravo!

5th june 2016:
I had a wonderful concert yesterday with great composers, cool friends and warm audience!
Thank you all for coming!



2nd june 2016:
I'm looking forward to the concert in two days!
Here a photo of the dresses I made for the occasion:

This is a virtual preview of the concert:

16th May 2016:
I'm very happy to announce my next duo concert with Adeline Hulin, as Duo Contraste:

"Eine musikalische Reise durch Europa"
4th June 2016, 19h
Realschule Patternhof, Patternhof 7, Eschweiler 52249
Vivaldi, Mozart, Ysaye, Wieniawsky, Schubert...

In the first piece by Vivaldi, you will be able to hear my very good pupil Laura Thülen playing with us.

4th April 2016:
I spent two great weeks playing the beautiful and colorful music by Respighi with the Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège and John Neschling. The last piece we recorded, Trittico Botticelliano, inspired me this drawing:

22nd March 2016:

From Liege today, playing in the orchestra, solidarity with Brussels.

8th March 2016:
Happy international day of women's rights!

To my new drawings... 


23rd January 2016:

Very proud of both my pupils Laura (13) and Emilia (12) who took part in the competition "Jugend musiziert" in Aachen yesterday.
Laura got the 2nd prize!                                                            Emilia got the 3rd prize!


2nd January 2016:

Bonne année 2016 !
         Frohes neues Jahr!
                  Srecna Nova Godina!

                           Happy new year!

Check out this new page with some of my drawings!


5th December 2015:
You can watch the video of the last concert of my pupils here!


November 2015:
Look at my new painting in the art gallery!



16. July 2015

Topic of the week (4): Think twicE!


Do you sometimes say something you wish you hadn't, maybe because it wasn't nice or it made no sense? So you tell yourself « think twice before you speak! »

In the same way when you practise, you think you have to play first in order to see how it sounds and then, play again to correct and improve. Now when you play the first time, maybe you are playing something that is not nice or that makes no sense. You know at once you don't want to play this way, but it's too late.

What would be more efficient is thinking about what you want to play and how you want to play it first, and then, only then, do it exactly as you imagined! Thus, you don't need to correct yourself, because you are playing the way you planned.

So... whatever you play, even if you repeat it 2, 3, or 10 times, think twice before you play!

21. Mai 2015

Topic of the week (3): don't forget your goal!

Hi guys! This topic is especially written for music students who always practise too much and never get the satisfaction of their work...

What is your goal? A competition? An exam? A concert? First you need to have a goal, otherwise why do you practise so much?

Your goal is to play your piece(s) the best you can on stage on the very day. You want to be there, to be concentrated and free, to controle your playing and be creative, to feel both relaxed and excited. So that is exactly what you want to practise every day!

Of course you need to practise your pieces, but don't overpractise or you will get caught in the technical aspect only and get tense and unable to enjoy yourself. So keep in mind that your goal is just to play well and be satisfied with yourself...always!

6. Mai 2015
Topic of the week (2):
 practise slowly!
Hi there!! Let’s start with an example: when you go to work (or to school) every day, your goal is getting there, so you don’t really see all the things you go past, you don’t really think about what you are doing, you already know the way and so you walk (or drive, or ride) automatically.
When you practise a piece of music, the goal is not to get to the end but to achieve the highest quality level, this means you have to be aware of everything, the slightest detail, no matter how quick or little. 
Try, one day, to look at all the things you're going past on your way to work (or to school): you would have to go a little slower than usually. It is the same with music. When you are used to a piece of music, because you played it so many times, you run the risk to overlook the details and the little things in-between.
So, when you practise, even if you can already play the piece faster, don't rush into it. Every day until the last moment before a concert, or a competition, or a class,  return to slower tempo, so that you can control and pay attention to everything
So... practise slowly to keep the high quality of your playing!


29th april 2015: 
Get an idea of the way I teach by reading a few tips RIGHT HERE every week!

Topic of the week (1): get ready for practise!


You often think you have to warm up with some fast exercises for your fingers to get ready (like by Schradieck) but you should first get your body ready for practise!

Do some sports to warm up all your muscles, then some streches to elongate them and maybe some yoga exercises to get fully centered. Lay down and let your stomac breath, make sure you feel all the parts of your own body because they are going to work together when you play!

Then stand up and get started with some slow technical exercises, first, open strings only, then also with the left hand. If your arms and fingers are already warmed up, you won't lose your time and energy trying to get ready but you will actually be able to work on your technical skills.

So... instead of just warming up with exercises, use them to improve your technic!


Thanks to my student Nhat Ha, who got me to think of this really important topic yesterday!


26. Januar 2015:
mes dernières vidéos, Bach et Tartini


11. Januar 2015:


9. Januar 2015:


29. November 2014:
Gute Erfahrung heute in der Heinrich-Heine Gesamtschule Aachen beim Tag der offenen Tür.
Kleines Konzert mit Bach, Tartini und Glück, zwischen warmen Waffeln und Stand der Reise nach China!


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